How to decorate your working place


How to decorate your working place

In the previous article we told you about Top 3 creative offices in the world. But what can you do if you don’t have an opportunity to work in the big company that pays a lot of attention on the office decoration? Moreover office rent often does not allow tenants to make global changes.

The simplest way how to decorate your working place – is to put a photo at your table. What is the most relevant one? Surely it would be the photo from the corporate holiday or another important day for the company. Just imagine colleagues who would like to ask you something will see the photo and would plunge once again into the atmosphere. Also it’s important to pay extra attention on the frame. If you like to save this magic disposition choose hand made one or something shiny and bright. Little accessories can help you forget that this is not the office rent but sweet home. 
Flowers in pots are another simple way how to create a good atmosphere at the working place. Moreover you can receive extra style by choosing elegant pot. If you choose flowers in vase – always monitor them, because dead flowers can demotivate your colleagues. 

Meanwhile literature can’t be used for decorating you can release your imagination when choosing the design of furniture. Moreover office rent often doesn’t require the space for library. It this case you can arrange your own library near your working place.

Another way how to decorate your table is choosing extravagant stationary. Many companies provide its clients bright folders, original pens, stylish notebooks. You know why? The biggest companies in the world have proved that severe corporate atmosphere cannot guarantee the productivity.
Some workers give up from using extravagant accessories because they are afraid to be known as unprofessional staff. Nevertheless self-confident managers can easily put the lovely collection of elephants on the table. 

So if you are sure that your favorite cup or flower can raise your productivity don’t give up from decorating your working place.