The most creative offices in the world


The most creative offices in the world

We are all used to the issue that offices are decorated according to the Spartan style – the lack of design and full of practicality. Only advertising agencies and other creative studios can be named as exceptions. These types of companies believe that creative atmosphere can persuade people on working hard. Unfortunately office rent usually doesn’t allow tenants making big changes.

Nevertheless every year the top of the most creative offices is made up. Staff of these companies says that they go to work in a good disposition and show top managers real effective work.

Office “Google”

For many years the main office in “Google” remains the most creative office in the whole world. Bright walls, fluffy sofas, and slides instead of stairs – you can think that you are stuck in the childhood or at the playground where elder people are playing. Up to 20% of the working time staff can spend whenever they want to. One can use the slide to get to the dining room, another can get the massage. Does office rent in Chisinau provide the space for SPA?

Artemy Lebedev Studio

The museum where the old fashioned things are shown is the main shtick of this office. Moreover here you can find special place where you can write the application for dismissal. And you know there are not so many people who want to leave this place. 
KK Outlet

“KK outlet” is a famous Holland advertising agency. So they are those people whose success depends on creativity they couldn’t have decorated their office due to Spartan style.  Of course they don’t rent an office; they have the house that is made up like a school theatre. Here you can also find a shop – where creative people who don’t have the opportunity to work in this kind of place can buy some funny things or books.

If you rent an office and you are not allowed to make big changes – put attention on accessories. Figurines, flowers in original baskets, even frames for diplomas can help you change the atmosphere. If you are not the top manager you can easily change your table – if it can rise your disposition it can also rise your productivity. That’s why the biggest companies in the world pay a lot of attention on the design of the working place.