To rent or not to rent an office?


To rent or not to rent an office?

All businessmen face a choice – either to rent an office or to buy one? Let’s think together why many of them prefer to rent on office even if they have all opportunities to buy it now.
Let’s imagine that you rent an office in a business center or a single standing building. After you have been paying monthly a rental fee for some years you calculate the summa and understand that you could have bought an office and have become the owner of the real
estate! So why do many people rent an office?

Partial allocation of funds

When you buy an office you ought to invest the whole summa. When you pay the rental fee –you do it usually monthly. That means that to rent an office is much more relevant for small and medium business with small initial capital. Even larger companies usually try to invest money in order to get the income than to invest them in a building.

The lack of risks

When you buy a single standing building you risk. The price on this space can extremely fall because of some force-major objectives that cannot be forecasted. Some unexpected issues can be revealed as noisy neighbors or changing the image of the district. So if you rent an office is such place you can easily leave it while the selling of the building can get months or even years.
The image and flexibility

Every city has its own life – new business centers are opening, some streets become more vivacious, some districts become quite. If you want to get the better position every, you are advised to rent an office.
Possibilities to expand your business

The good business – is the one that expands every minute it exists. So if you plan the start up you will never buy a building because it will be unprofitable. More practice is to rent an office and increase the rental space every time you need.
All things considered to rent an office is the best choice for start up and medium business.