How do you feel about the offices in the fresh air?


How do you feel about the offices in the fresh air?

With the coming of spring days, the staff invents a lot of matters how to get out of office - unscheduled meeting with the non-existent sales agents, the presentation of unknown companies, and many other reasons to get out of the four walls. Experienced leaders know that this is not the desire to leave the work but only the wish to spend more time outdoors. Office rent in the open air, it seems impossible to you?

The first idea of an office in the open air came to designer Jonathan Olivares who insists on the fact that unity with nature will significantly increase the success rates of the company. The development of green office designer engaged the past 3 years, noting that such offices will require less expenditure compared with block counterparts so that it will reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

His work is Oliveres presents at the Art Institute of Chicago, where everyone can see the simplicity and functionality of his invention. As emphasized by the designer, furniture in such areas should be made of recycled materials.

The idea of open office is support by the countries with predominantly warm climate. More whimsical countries, in turn, appreciate the mobility and accessibility of the office, which can be installed in the warmer months, and easily removed in case the weather changes.

It is worth noting that a year ago the company «Nokia» prompting a campaign is case to persuade office workers start working outdoors. The essence of the action was to set up benches in the form of branded Communicator E7. Within a radius of 10 meters around the unusual furniture was secured the area of wireless Internet. The main message «Nokia» told - in order to be successful, you are not obliged to spend time in the 4 walls. In order to be successful – you should just buy the device. At the end of the action marketers noticed not only an increase in sales of touch phones, as well as its extensive use in areas with wireless Internet.

The idea was also supported and by the smaller companies. For example the company in Kupchino rounded a sofa set of real grass, providing it with wireless internet. Green Office is very popular among the citizens, who are increasingly attached to environmental mood of the world.

Of course, construction of green office designed by Olivares is rather costly. However, if your office has at least a small balcony or terrace, take care of a strong wireless Internet, and you'll be surprised at how employee productivity will grow up in an informal setting, close to nature.