Here are the most popular office buildings in the world.


Here are the most popular office buildings in the world.

In the last article we told you about the most popular office building - Empire State Building. However, in the world there are several buildings that are not worse than the office star neither for the height, nor for decoration.

Sears Tower.

Sears Tower – it is a skyscraper that deprived the status of the highest building in America.  443 meters are distributed between 110 floors in quadriceps skyscraper in the west of Chicago. Business center was opened to the public in 1974 truly and it can be named the king of the U.S., as he proudly wears a stylized crown of the 4 towers, 3 of which rise, creating an optical illusion. Almost 25 years, it "ruled" high-rise buildings of the world, taking the first prize. Now the king of Chicago is only the  5th  in the world.

Petronas Towers

Despite the fact that the building was started to be constructed far ahead after the opening of Empire State Building, the construction of Malaysian twins took over 6 years compared to 1 year to build the American dream. Assumes that the construction of the towers represent several patriotic ideas. First, for the construction, it was decided to use only materials produced in the country. That is why skyscrapers are built from specially invented elastic concrete. The second observance of traditions - is the foundation of architecture that represents the two eight-pointed Islamic stars. 88 floors tower was completed in 1998.

Burj - Khalifa

Dubai Tower is currently the tallest building in the world. Designers for less and did not expect while kept the secret about the height of the building. Moreover they were ready to make adjustments and increase the number of floors in every moment. 828 meters and 1.5 billion dollars – that is the Burj Dubai in modest numbers. Rent an office in this building - is to rent a small piece of heaven, in which air is flavored with specially designed spirits, and concrete admixtures ice maintains optimum air. In addition to leadership of the highest buildings in the world, the tower became the champion in many other categories. The highest and fastest lift, the highest situated nightclub and restaurant is not a complete list of the miracles of Dubai.

Office for rent in such building is a big impact in the prestige of the company, but here can settle not every businessman.