Here are interesting facts about the Empire State Building.


Here are interesting facts about the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building is probably the most popular office building in the world, despite the fact that it concedes to its less famous counterparts in all possible indicators. Not the highest, not the most expensive on the office rent this building is equated by its creators to the miracle. Getting into the Guinness Book “The House of the Empire State” is required only to elevator operator Betty Lou Oliver. An employee of the building fell down in the elevator with the height of 75 floors, and miraculously survived.

The official opening of the building took place on May 1, 1931, within 410 days after the start of construction. Thus, the builders were constructing in average of 4.5 stories per week.

The opening took place in the period of economic depression in America, and that predetermined first skyscraper’s popular name - Empty State Building. Tenant fully completed the building only 10 years later. For 20 years, the future star gave its owners no profit. Selling project was devastated when Roger Stevens gave last owners $ 51 million.

Originally, the roof was conceived as a calm landing site for airships. Unfortunately, the idea did not find its performance due to incorrect calculations of designers, when the strong wind at high altitude was not is not considered.

During the life of this building more than 30 suicides were committed there. Security on the observation deck was strengthened after it has been committed 5 unsuccessful attempts of suicides in 3 weeks.

41 years this office building bore the title of the tallest building in the world until in 1972 this title was transferred to the north tower of the World Trade Center. After the terrorist attack September 11, 2001, Empire State Building became once again the tallest building in New York City and the second tallest in the United States after Chicago's Willis Tower.

More than 110 million tourists come to the Empire State Building to look at New York’s full view. The fact is that in the office building has two viewing platforms at 86 and 102 floors, the first of which has a viewing angle of 360 degrees.

According to unofficial information office rent in the most popular office building is 590 per dollars per meter for the office area of 177 square meters on 77 floors. How much you pay for the rent of the office?