Classification of offices


Classification of offices

We are all accustomed to the classification of hotel complexes, understanding what does a given number of stars mean. But few knows how are offices classified and how they can earn the highest category. Perhaps the best offices as well as hotels require the presence of swimming pools, and location on the beach?

While the office rent is quite expensive, managers do not want to overpay for questionable benefits of a space. The following characteristics can affect the future category:

The location, building type, year of construction, law, property management, design solutions, the floors, windows, layout and decoration, engineering systems, HVAC, telecommunications, parking, elevators, security and infrastructure. Offices are divided into categories A, B, C, where C - the lowest class.

Class A offices
Class A office rental is available to the largest local companies or foreign companies. If a company tries to maintain a reputation, they try to place top management offices here or the offices where they are receiving client. All other offices are located in the lower class buildings. Class A usually means the office in the business centers, located in the downtown area. Ceiling height of 3.5 m, design decisions embodied in the interior are not all of the benefits of Class A office. This business center should also have its own security service, a café, access control and other important features.

Class B offices
Office rent in this class - it is primarily the savings on rent. Most offices fall into this category, since their parameters not differ greatly from offices class A. For example, here is ranked business centers category A, which served only 5 years old. Most often, these offices are located in modern buildings and industrial buildings of years 1980, reconstructed under the new requirements. Of course, representative offices are not situated here.

Class C offices
Offices of class C - are the least comfortable, but at the same time, the cheapest choice. Usually they are located in buildings that are not adapted and remodeled for rental. As a result - lack of infrastructure, such as air-conditioning systems and other communications. Most such "business centers" are located at the edge of the city areas and have non- presentable façade with the awkward entering.

Rental office – is a responsible job. When choosing a room, consider what functions it must perform. When it comes to workers' offices - can be accommodated even class C. But if you want to support the company's image, those offices where the staff greets customers, or the director's office should be placed in Class A or B.