How to have fun in the office?


How to have fun in the office?


Even the most hard-working employee cannot be given work at 100%. The small discharge during the day helps the brain to relax a bit and with new forces start implementing their duties. In this article we will discuss the most original decisions taken by employees in order to diversify the business day.


Racing on the chairs. If the rental office includes a long, wide corridor, and you use chairs on wheels, you can arrange extreme race. The rules are simple - participants sit on chairs and rush to the finish. The player who will be first wins the race.


If you are not a fan of crazy games, we can offer you the old children's games - tic-tac-toe, naval battle, shooting from the pens. Over the years, these simple games will seem just as exciting as they appeared in the school years. Sometimes the office rental includes the additional space that can be fitted for a more specific entertainment. This is usually the prerogative of only large companies such as Google or Microsoft. In Japan, for example, there is a separated room in the office, where a photograph of director is hanged. Boiling? Remove the stress in an imaginary battle with the boss and get back on the job!


A lot of fun can guarantee a regular copy machine if you copy not the documents but the various parts of the body or funny things.


We should also say about entertainment that raises the spirit of enterprise, and therefore - not only does not hinder, but help the working process. Among these entertainment events can be humorous response anthem composed by creative staff, or a fun screen saver for your computer. If you remember in the previous articles we talked about training in the workplace. So now we can offer in addition to the corporate enterprise to learn a dance anthem. The load on the muscles, brain dump, raising the corporate spirit - a lively dance simultaneously solves many problems!


Up to 20% of free time in Google staff can devote to personal needs. And since this company is the recognized world leader, then we can begin to copy its values. And you can start with the fun!